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Dr. Tsay, the founder of PenPower in 1991, invented the Chinese writing pad with handwriting recognition technology to help people with little or no computer literacy input Chinese characters with free handwriting, just as they do on paper. No special input systems need to be learned and no training is needed. PenPower has been leading the market for devices with built-in smart human-machine interface technologies, to alleviate frustrating tasks involving computer interaction. With the success of its Chinese handwriting pad, PenPower built its name in this field and was able to invest more resources in other automatic recognition technologies such as voice recognition, optical character recognition, business card recognition, and face recognition, collectively PenPower's core technologies. These core technologies have paved the way for PenPower's growth and expansion in the years to come.

Global expansion with a local touch has been PenPower's vision. In the past 16 years, PenPower has grown into a group of companies. Local sales and service offices have been established in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US to provide locally adapted products and timely responses to meet local demands. In 2002, PenPower went public and was listed on the Taiwan stock exchange, making it much easier to not only finance global expansion and investment in the development of innovative technologies for future growth but to recruit the best talents in the industry as well.

Over the years, PenPower has licensed its core technologies to major OEMs to add value to their PCs, mobile phones and other devices. PenPower took one step further and developed a series of consumer products based on these core technologies. As a result, WorldCard Mobile, PenPower’s new product in 2009, has ranked in the Top 10 of the business section of the iPhone APP store for over one month.

PenPower's products have not only gained market acceptance but also have won awards from different organizations including government agencies, industry magazines, and trade show hosts. Among the best awards, PenPower was presented with awards by three Presidents of Taiwan in recognition of its dedication to innovation.

PenPower Inc. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of PenPower TECHNOLOGY. Founded in 1997, we specialize in the development of new and innovative products, particularly in the area of business productivity software, Asian language-based software and mobile electronics. PenPower Inc.'s growth is inextricably linked to the successful development and introduction of new and exclusive products, spearheaded by a sales-generating marketing approach. Over the years, PenPower Inc. has established a network of resellers, as well as other channel distribution networks.

PenPower has been striving to develop core technologies of intelligent, human-machine interfaces since day one. It is our firm belief that technological innovation should narrow the gap between human and machine. PenPower is committed to bringing such technologies to life.