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掃描文字,同步上傳掃譯雲 文本朗讀、整句翻譯、字典查詢,一應俱全。 跨裝置、免安裝、多語系,輕鬆跨越障礙。

WorldPenScan Wi-Fi


Data Entry


Text to Speech


Immersive Reading


Translation & Dictionary

Scan to text. No more retyping

Say goodbye to tedious manual document scanning and welcome lightning-fast digitization of printed documents without any software installed. Scan up to 1,000 words in just one minute and benefit from OCR text recognition in 41 different languages.

Excerpting texts directly to MS Word, PowerPoint and Google Docs


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Save your time and energy!

 Suitable for professionals dealing with lots of documents, such as lawyers, secretaries and students to take notes and make reports. 

Text to speech: helps dyslexic people read smoothly

Scan the physical books and read out for you with natural sounding voices. Users can change the speed of speech with slow, normal and fast mode. Users could also switch to their favorite voices, such as male, female, UK and US.

Enjoy a Comfortable and Immersive Reading Experience

Effortlessly Translate & Learn New Languages

Read out pronunciation in second languages

◆ Scan texts and look up dictionaries online. Translate sentences and read them out for you.
◆ Text to speech and immersive reader mode help people who have dyslexia or visual impairment listen to books easily.


WorldPenScan Wi-Fi

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