New Model!LCD Display

RemoteGo LCD Writing Pad

Write and visualize your handwriting on the the new LCD Pad in real time. Enhance the quality of remote teaching, just like real life teaching.

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RemoteGo LCD Writing Pad (Access to RemoteGo Online Teaching Platform Included!)


What's included: 
🎁 LCD writing pad + Stylus
🎁 Remote Go online teaching platform (built-in annotation tool, video recorder and interactive cloud whiteboard, etc)

* System requirements: Windows 7/10/11, MAC OS X 10.15 or higher

Enhance your teaching quality with clear and fine-line handwriting

Writing formula online has never been this easy, just like writing on a piece of paper.

Fineline hand writing brings extra productivity and efficiency to remote teaching.

* USB connection to a power source is required.

Handwritings is synced on the panel and the screen


Protect your and children's eyes

Native Integration with major video conferencing software

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Webex

Write formulas, draw flow charts, and take meeting notes easily using the e-whiteboards provided by the conferencing software.


Exclusive RemoteGo Online Teaching Software

Annotation Tool /  Digital whiteboard / Video Recorder / Sticky Note 

Annotate everything!Share screen with everyone

RemoteGo helps you annotate on the screen and create various shapes to help you explain your ideas to others online.

Improve Online Teaching Quality

Scan a question and solve it on the digital whiteboard

Enrich Your Teaching Materials

Create Online Learning Materials and Record Courses

 Drag and drop Sticky Notes anywhere. Enrich your teaching materials

One click to send handwriting to your laptop and the cloud! Everything you write will be saved to reusable sticky notes with RemoteGo software.

Drag & drop answers and handwritings to WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype or digital documents.

No editing! Make teaching videos instantly with Video Note

遠距通軟體 內建雲端互動白板

Interactive Remote Tutoring

Interactive Cloud Whiteboard with 1-on-1 Video Call

Interactive Cloud Whiteboard

Import Digital Documents and Textbook, and Annotate on Them

What our users say

Cut down travel time for tutoring

" I am a graduate school student who teaches the middle school and high school kids in my area. I recently saw an ad for Remote Go's distance learning platform and decided to give it a shot. Now I can do most of the tutoring in front of online rather than spending hours driving to every student's home. The writing pad is easy to use, and the free platform help makes online tutoring as effective as real life tutoring, without the travel! "

Edwin MCKenzie

Online Tutor

Great solution for digital whiteboard 

" Since COVID19, I have started to getting requests from my students and their parents for moving teaching online. It was quite challenging to use a mouse to draw charts and write math formulas. I found the Remote Go LCD product right before I decided to spend over $1000 purchase an iPad Pro. I am really glad that I found Remote Go. It's an cost effective solution for those use digital whiteboards. "

Mildred Mason

Math Teacher

From now to Dec. 31st

You will also get lifetime access to Remote Go's online teaching platform


* This software must be used with RemoteGo writing pad 

The new RemoteGo LCD writing pad VS. the previous model

RemoteGo Writing Pad 
RemoteGo LCD Writing Pad 
(Nov. 2022)

CLCD Panel
Handwriting instantly appears on the pad
Handwriting Resolution
Fineness of handwriting
ThinExtra Thin
Write to create notes on PC
One click to send handwriting to a computer
Not SupportedSupported
Support Windows ink
Build-in writing APP in Windows system
Not SupportedSupported
Can be used as a mouse

Electromagnetic induction tech.
Size of the writing surface
10 inch
(203 mm * 152 mm)
10 inch
(210 mm x 148 mm)
Dimension (LxWxH)
309 mm x 237 mm x 9 mm273.5 mm x 176.6 mm x 8.0 mm
Weight580 g395 g
Pen pressure
8192 Level8192 Level
PricingUSD 89.95USD 99.95